Contact arrangements


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Check if there is a named social worker or CAFCASS officer for the case.

  • If so, is there a risk assessment or agreed contact arrangements through a written agreement or court order?
  • If not, advise the parent to seek legal advice.

A child lives with one parent but another wants to collect the child or change an agreed arrangement:

  • Ask the resident parent about the current arrangement
  • You cannot make a decision or make any changes if the other parent disputes what has been agreed.

You are asked to provide information for court:

  • You can ask the social worker or reporting officer about how best to present the information.

A parent is under investigation for or has been convicted of a child sexual offence, and has restricted contact under bail conditions, a risk assessment or a Sexual Harm Prevention Order:

  • Seek clarification on the terms of the order
  • If the parent wants to visit or get information about their child, discuss this with the resident parent
  • If there are no bail conditions or agreements, the resident parent might need to seek legal advice.

A parent is being threatening around you, other staff, children or parents:

  • Ask them to leave
  • Contact the police if needed.

Make sure any risk assessments are in place for parents who have fled domestic abuse. Attempts to contact your setting might put the parent and children at risk.