1. Statutory policies

The Department for Education provides:

2. Model school policies and documents

Additional needs plan

Crisis management plan

Equality policy and action plan

Governor school visits policy

Health improvement plan - primary

Health improvement plan - secondary

Keeping records of child protection concerns

Leadership and continuity plan

Looked after children personal needs plan

Preventing extremism and radicalisation safeguarding policy



These safeguarding policies are fully Covid-19 compliant. You can find them on our safeguarding page.


The Department for Education has updated a section of its guidance for school complaints procedures 2020, for the Covid-19 pandemic.

The ESCC Model Complaints Policy has not been formally updated, but all boards need to agree to the above as an addendum their complaints policy during the pandemic.

You can find the model complaints policy and the complaints toolkit on our governors pages.

3. Model school personnel and finance policies

Model administrative policies are a resource on Webshop. They are available to schools buying services.



These links will take you to Webshop. Please enter your Webshop password to access resources.

Health and safety

The Health & Safety Policy should always reflect the procedures currently in operation and if local procedures have changed in a specific area due to Covid-19, the policy should be updated.  For example, if first aid arrangements have changed due to a lack of paediatric first aiders on site, then the health and safety policy should reflect that. 

If you wish to include a specific paragraph on Covid-19, please add this section to your school's local policy:

“Covid-19 - The school regularly reviews the government guidance on COVID 19 and ensures that policies, procedures and risk assessments are in place.  A school specific risk assessment on COVID 19 has been undertaken and has been approved by the governing body.  This risk assessment is regularly reviewed and is available to staff on (insert location of where staff can view the document).  The school will keep staff updated on any changes to the risk assessment or associated policies/procedures.”

The updated model policy can be found on the Webshop.

4. ESCC Education plans and policies

We adhere to the following policies and protocols for education. Guidance for schools is included in these where appropriate.

Admission rules on our main website

Anti-social behaviour, bullying and hate reporting

Attendance and exclusions

Extended support assistant (special educational needs)

Fair access protocol (admissions)

ISEND Front Door

Offsite activities on our visit safety website

School transport on our main website

Work experience