Access  key information and resources to support East Sussex schools during the pandemic,  including  SEND-specific information and links to the latest DfE guidance.

2. Information Sharing

In order to make transition for children with additional needs as successful as possible, it is vital that information is shared between settings/classes. This will include information such as strengths and difficulties, interests, successful strategies and approaches, resources needed. The format below is being shared with all East Sussex primaries (from receiving Secondaries) to share information about pupils with difficult and/or dangerous behaviour. In addition to sharing information through forms such as this, it is important for time to be given to having face to face / virtual conversations.

Pupil Information Sharing Form

Information Sharing for Vulnerable Learners

There is a process for secondary schools to share information about vulnerable learners to the post 16 provision of where the student has applied, the format and guidance is below.  

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