SEN Panel booking - For school staff and professionals

Please visit our booking page to choose a date to attend the SEN Panel. You do not need to create an account or fill out any forms – simply type your name and your school’s name in the box, browse the dates and make your selection, then click ‘Send’. Respondents will be limited to one selection, with up to three spaces available for school representatives at each meeting.

All meetings start at 9.00am at County Hall, Lewes and the expectation is that you are able to attend until lunchtime. Please note - by choosing a date you are confirming you will attend that Panel meeting.

Attending SEN Panel is hugely beneficial as it offers school staff an opportunity to better understand ISEND processes and decision-making. A school representative who recently attended remarked that the meeting was a ‘fantastic experience…talking through the individual cases and hearing reasons for and against has made me reflect on children in my own setting, how we are meeting their needs in school before considering for an EHCP. All views were listened to, all points were considered. I felt my concerns were welcomed and listened to’.