SEN Matrix

1. The Matrix

The East Sussex SEN Matrix is an East Sussex framework drawn up by the Inclusion, Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (ISEND) Service in collaboration with staff working in educational settings across the county, Children’s Integrated Therapy Services (CITS) and parents and carers.

It is designed to:

• Provide a shared understanding for schools, the Local Authority, parents/carers, and services such as Health and Social Care, about how to identify the Special Educational Needs of children and young people
• Provide guidance on provision and resources recommended to meet these needs, and to facilitate educational progression
• Support development of knowledge and understanding about SEN
• Contribute to the development of good SEN and inclusive practice (‘build capacity’)
• Provide a framework from which the Local Authority and its moderation partners will make consistent decisions about funding levels for children to facilitate their educational progression.

A Matrix user guide is available on pages 3-5.

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