Quality Mark for Inclusion

All East Sussex schools were awarded the East Sussex Quality Mark for Inclusion in June 2018. A letter confirming this allocation was sent to all Headteachers by Stuart Gallimore, Director of Children’s Services.

The accompanying guidance documents are listed below. An introduction summary for the Essential Criteria document and the Guidance for Developing Inclusive Practice is available in first few pages after the front cover of the documents:
The East Sussex Quality Mark for Inclusion: Essential Criteria; this document provides the set of standards that form the ESQMI and require a response from schools.
The East Sussex Quality Mark for Inclusion: Guidance for Developing Inclusive Practice; a self-evaluative document to provide additional framework for schools to focus in certain areas of inclusive practice
Information and Guidance for the East Sussex Quality Mark for Inclusion; a booklet that takes you through some of the key information points for the Quality Mark approach.

Please note that we have moved the date for submission of school response to the ESQMI to 18th March 2019.

Opportunities to discuss and explore further the ESQMI will be available via local SENCO hubs.