Local Offer

East Sussex Local Offer

The East Sussex Local Offer consists of an information site that outlines how different SEND processes work, and a SEND-specific directory listing local and online services, which you can use on East Sussex 1Space. The East Sussex Local Offer was created for and continues to be co-produced with children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), and their families.

The Government asks that all local authorities (in our case, East Sussex County Council) provide information as clearly as possible so that parents, carers, children and young people can make informed decisions.

We recommend everyone working in an educational setting familiarises themselves with the East Sussex Local Offer. This will ensure you will be able to confidently recommend it to young people and families you interact with on a daily basis.

School Local Offer/SEN Information Report

Every educational setting is responsible for reviewing their Local Offer/SEN Information Report annually.

We have created a guidance document with a selection of parent/carers and SENCOs in the hope that it will enable settings to fulfil their statutory obligations to a good standard.

This document shares best practises for both what content your report should include, and where it should be presented on your website so it can be easily found.

The report sets out to make it easier for you when reviewing and updating your reports, while also making it a straightforward experience for children, young people, parents and carers when looking for the information they need.

We strongly recommend you use this document when your SEN Information Report is approaching its annual review date: