English as an Additional Language Service (EALS)


Check out our new 20 Top Tips for Schools with EAL pupils, a handy list featuring advice about induction and welcome for new arrivals, effective transition, and EAL-friendly strategies to use in the classroom. 

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2. What we offer

From specialist EAL teachers
• Direct teaching intervention for pupils: 1:1, small groups, in-class
• Advice on EAL strategies, joint planning and provision of EAL-friendly resources
• Management of candidates for Mother Tongue GCSEs

From Bilingual Support Officers (BSOs)
• In-class support from a Bilingual Support Officer who speaks the pupil’s home language
• Support with home-school liaison: over the telephone and face-to-face
• Quality translation and interpreting to all schools and other council services
• Mother Tongue Assessments
Languages available: Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Arabic (Syrian), Bengali, Bulgarian, Turkish, Hungarian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Romanian, French, Spanish, Lithuanian

• A wide range of training courses for school staff involved in teaching and supporting EAL children. Read more about the courses we offer in the 2018/19 EALS training brochure. All courses can be tailored to better support your school's specific needs; please contact the service to discuss your requirements.

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