English as an Additional Language Service (EALS)

1. Service

The English as an Additional Language Service (EALS) provides support to primary and secondary school pupils (KS1 – KS4) whose first or home language is not English and where this poses a barrier to their education and makes them vulnerable to underachievement. the suppport is provided by EAL teachers and Bilingual Support Officers (BSOs), who support EAL pupils in the mainstream school settings (primary, secondary and special schools) helping them to improve their English and to achieve their full potential.

Pre-school and Reception

EALS do not support pre-school and Reception children. These children would be supported by the Early Years Service.  Academies and Free Schools can request EALS support for Reception children on a traded basis. 

Maintained Schools

All LA schools are eligible for EALS support. The core allocation of support (‘Green’ units) is based on the number of EAL pupils on roll who have been in the UK education system for less than 3 years.  Any pupil for whom English is not their first language and where it poses a barrier to their learning  is eligible for the service.

EALS support must be requested through the Front Door and will come out of the school’s allocation of green units. Where there are no green units allocated or left, red units will be allocated based on need. Each referred pupil is assessed by an EALS teacher to establish whether the linguistic barrier is the reason for underachievement and whether the pupil would benefit from the EALS’ support.

Academies and Free Schools

Academies and Free Schools have to buy EALS units (‘Blue’ units) in order to access EALS support and should contact the Service to discuss their needs.  

Referral contact method

Maintained schools – referral made through the Front Door  

Academies and Free Schools - use the EALS Academy Referral Form

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