English as an Additional Language Service (EALS)


Check out our new 20 Top Tips for Schools with EAL pupils, a handy list featuring advice about induction and welcome for new arrivals, effective transition, and EAL-friendly strategies to use in the classroom. 

4. Useful resources

Read our 20 Top Tips for schools with EAL pupils, which covers Induction and welcome for new arrivals, Moving on and EAL-friendly strategies.

There is a large amount of free online resources available to help your school support pupils whose first language is not English:

Teaching resources - all languages

EAL Nexus  - lots of free curriculum-related resources, Great ideas, advice pages and other information about EAL.

Collaborative Learning project – a range of free games and other activities covering all areas of the curriculum.

Learn English Kids and Learn English Teens - free resources including quizzes, games, grammar and lesson plans produced by the British Council.

MantraLingua – a good selection of dual-language resources.

Twinkl – has some good resources for beginners, including some dual-language resources.

Times Educational Supplement - resources covering early years, primary, secondary, whole school and special educational needs.

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