Education Support, Behaviour and Attendance Service (ESBAS)


What to do if your child is ill has the latest NHS advice for the public. 

If the child has a high temperature and/or a new continuous cough; the current advice is not to see a health professional, or to contact 111.  Parent/carers will therefore not be able to provide medical evidence if they keep their child off school due to suspected Coronavirus.

DfE Guidance on temporary changes to attendance recording for educational settings whilst closed due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

1. What is ESBAS?

The Education Support, Behaviour and Attendance Service (ESBAS) provide specialist support and guidance to schools to support children and young people with:

  • poor attendance
  • challenging behaviour
  • issues related to bullying.

Difficulties in these areas create barriers to learning and social relationships, which can lead to reduced engagement and success at school.  We aim to overcome these barriers by liaising with the young person, their school and their family and creating targets around the behaviour and/or attendance in order to improve educational, social and emotional outcomes.  We set targets by identifying the underlying needs communicated by the behaviours, and support the school and family with strategies for meeting those needs and managing the triggers and behaviours.

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