Communication, Learning and Autism Support Service (CLASS)

2. What CLASS offer

Core Activity:

  • CLASS Adviser observations leading to strategies to support inclusion and progress
  • Working with teachers to develop related practice
  • 1:1 Practitioner support – working with young people and/or modelling to an Individual Needs Assistant (INA)/Teaching Assistant
  • Small group work intervention on an identified need (e.g. social skills groups)

CLASS  also offer a Link Adviser to:

  • as a key point of contact within CLASS for the school
  • have an overview of the needs of the school in relation to communication, learning and autism
  • support early identification and intervention regarding needs
  • Support SENCo to build capacity in the school to identify training needs and areas for development
  • Support the whole school understanding of Speech Language and Communication Needs, Autism and Specific Learning Difficulties including Dyslexia and signpost to appropriate training, best practice and other resources

Traded Activity:

  • Training in all aspects of SLCN, Autism, motor coordination, dyslexia and other learning difficulties
  • Individual observation and diagnostic assessment in cognition, literacy, numeracy and ICT
  • Parent and carer workshops in all aspects of learning
  • Exam access arrangement testing at KS4 and 5
  • Assistive technology assessment

CLASS also offers bespoke training and services. See our offer on the Services to Schools Webshop.

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