High Needs Review

High Needs Review

A year ago, the Government proposed a national funding formula which included a revised formula for SEN. At this time, a strategic planning fund was made available for LAs to resource a review of their use of HNF in conjunction with their plans for the capital development of free schools

East Sussex County Council worked in partnership with its schools to find solutions that enable the highest number of pupils with SEN to participate and thrive in their local mainstream school. Not only is this the vision set out in the SEND Code of Practice 2014, but data tells us that this is where the significant majority of our pupils achieve best, both academically and in preparation for adulthood.

Please attached find a summary document which outlines the purpose and scope of the review.

The Report

We are pleased to share the final East Sussex Strategic High Need Needs Block Review report; the culmination of over 100 hours of consultation with stakeholders to identify recommendations that will ensure that children and young people with SEN have good educational outcomes in their local community schools. A hard copy of the report will be circulated to all East Sussex schools in September 2018.

If you have any feedback about the report, please email ISEND.Comms@eastsussex.gov.uk to share your comments.