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Schools, colleges and education settings can find information and resources, including links to DfE guidance to support provision during the Covid-19 pandemic.

East Sussex County Council are reviewing Czone and the Virtual School Bag (VSB). To have your say, please complete the online survey. Closing date is 17 December.

Access  key information and resources to support East Sussex schools during the pandemic,  including  SEND-specific information and links to the latest DfE guidance.

2. Vision for all children

The vision in East Sussex for children with special educational needs and/or disabilities is:

Championing Change for Children: relentlessly pursuing positive outcomes for children and young people, enabling them to thrive in their local community.”

In order to achieve this vision, we have also determined a set of values which set out how we will work across all of our services. These are:

  • Inclusive – we believe in removing barriers to ensure that everyone can achieve their full potential. We promote equal opportunities in everything we do and challenge practice which is discriminatory or excludes others.
  • Innovative – we believe that we should always strive to challenge existing practice to look for even better ways of doing things. We keep our eye on the horizon to prepare what is coming next and ensure that we are ready for it.
  • Solution-Focused – we believe in looking for the best way to circumnavigate hurdles and focus on what we can achieve as opposed to what we can not.
  • Act With Integrity – we do what we say we are going to do and actively demonstrate, personally, the principles that we espouse.
  • Collaborative – we believe that we can achieve more by working together on our shared priorities. We are supportive of each other and actively look for opportunities.

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