Support for Young Carers

Support may be available for young carers who look after someone at home who can’t look after themselves.
This may be due to a disability, mental or physical health condition, or drug or alcohol issues.

East Sussex Young Carers (ESYC) services supports young carers aged 5 to 17.

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Supporting Young Carers in Schools

ESCC commission Imago to provide the East Sussex Young Carers service.  This service is working with schools in East Sussex to share good practice and expertise in how to support young carers, including support to achieve the Young Carers in Schools award.

ESYC can support schools over a 6 month period to identify and support young carers within the school setting, including:

  • Staff Training – Imago support workers can deliver an intensive one hour training session with key members of staff.
  • School Assembly – The support worker can present at a school assembly to talk about what it means to be a young carer
  • Awareness Raising – Imago can supply useful information and resources for school notice boards
  • Referral and Assessment Support – Imago will support schools to complete referrals and assessments
  • Setting up a Young Carer group – Support to set up a school group with access to useful resources and materials