Healthy Schools programme

1. Introduction

Evidence that health and education are closely linked is strong. The rationale for taking a ‘Healthy Schools’ approach is clear. Promoting health and wellbeing in schools and colleges can improve both educational and health and wellbeing outcomes (PHE, 2014). 

The educational and emotional impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic make the development of whole-school approaches to health improvement more important than ever.

The East Sussex Healthy Schools programme builds on previous evidence-based local approaches. It is supported by East Sussex Public Health and the East Sussex School Health Service.

The programme brings together:

  • the School Health Check (enabling you to achieve Healthy Schools Status)
  • a new pupil survey for Year 6, Year 9 and post 16 students, My Health, My School, and
  • a new updated PSHE offer from the School Health Service.

The Healthy Schools programme supports schools to recognise and celebrate achievements in whole-school health improvement. It provides a simple way to collate evidence that will be useful for Ofsted inspection judgement areas.

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