Holiday Activity and Food (HAF)

Holiday fun and food is part of a national programme (Holiday Activity and Food) funded by the Department for Education.

The national programme

This programme became national in 2021. It provides funds to all local authorities in England to coordinate free holiday provision. The provision is for children who receive free school meals (aged 5-16, Reception to Year 11). The programme covers the delivery of healthy food and enriching activities. The Department for Education have confirmed that they will fund this programme for the next three financial years, at least.

HAF in East Sussex

Children’s Services are leading on this programme in East Sussex. Our Hastings Opportunity Area colleagues are supporting us in this. We also have a network of providers, schools and other partner organisations.
After a successful delivery in 2021, the HAF team are now looking forward to 2022 and beyond. The development, delivery and coordination of the programme is a collective effort. To help develop the programme, we encourage participation from:
  • schools
  • businesses
  • voluntary, community and social enterprise sectors
We would love to hear from any potential providers, and in particular schools, who would like to get involved in the scheme. This could be by running a provision, providing a venue, or simply signposting eligible families.

To find out more please get in touch with the HAF team. We will be happy to discuss how you could get involved and guide you through the next steps.

You can email us on