Get a Czone account

Most education resources, including Virtual Schoolbag (VSB) are open to all. You don't need a Czone account to use them.

School leaders will need a Czone account to access:

  • Schools Information Database (SID) information about East Sussex schools
  • the emergency school closures system
  • CME and off-rolling notifications

If you already have a Czone account you can access the Czone account request form for new colleagues. 

  • Enter your Czone account details and password
  • Your headteacher (or their delegate) should approve the form

If nobody in your school has access to the form please email and the Czone team will complete the form on your behalf.

Go to Czone account request form

Reset my password

Contact Schools ICT to reset your Czone password.

Payroll, personnel and finance resources

Payroll, personnel and finance resources are on Webshop. Some resources are only available to Services 2 Schools customers. Please talk to your school office before requesting a Webshop account.