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Guidance for completion of Summative Assessment for Transition Document 2022

Revised EYFS:

The revised EYFS does not prescribe a certain type of record keeping. However, it does require practitioners to make a professional judgement about a child’s progress and development. Please ensure that you share each child’s current level of attainment with the receiving teacher. This could be through a written record, online journal or verbal discussion.

What is the purpose of the summative assessment?

The purpose of this document is to:

  • support professional dialogue between setting and school staff
  • provide the reception teachers with key information

This will ensure that every child has a smooth and seamless transition.

How to complete the summative assessment

The front sheet provides essential information as well as space for keyperson, child and parent voice.

For every child transitioning to reception, as a minimum you should:

  • complete the front sheet (pages 1-2)
  • provide information about the child’s characteristics of effective learning

You do not need to complete the table for the prime and specific areas if you feel you have covered this in your tracking document.

Supporting information

Please ensure that you attach the latest information where you have indicated that the child has been in receipt of further support, for example, a speech and language plan.

Areas of learning

Please be as detailed as you can in the characteristics of effective learning area. This will provide key information about the child as a learner for the next teacher. Ensure that the focus is on the positives (what the child can do).

In the prime and specific areas, list the key strengths (bullet points are acceptable). In the final box please detail no more than three key next steps from across all areas of learning.

When should the summative assessment document be completed?

Whilst you may want to begin completing the form during the summer term, this is a summative record of the child’s attainment in the setting. It is therefore important that the information is up to date at the time of the child’s transition to school.

If you need any further information or advice, please email Rowena Dumbrell.


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