ELG 09 / ELG 10 - Literacy


Early Years Safeguarding Conference - 16th October 2019 (10:00 – 15:00)

East Sussex National Hotel, Uckfield.

Your chance to be at the first ever safeguarding conference for early years in East Sussex

Aims: to share best practice in relation to safeguarding provision in Early Years settings.  Speakers and workshops will showcase approaches to improving provision with reference to local and national priorities such as managing children’s harmful sexual behaviour, responding to domestic violence and abuse, and keeping children safe online.

Cost: £60 including lunch and refreshments.

Book: via the Learning Portal course code EYSAFE200

Child A - Alexandra - Literacy
Child E - Elliana - Literacy
Child L Literacy
Child M Literacy
Child R Literacy

Inter LA record reading
Inter LA record writing
Inter LA table agreements R&W

ELG 09 - Reading

Inter LA agreement trialling record ELG 9 Reading
ELG 9 Reading Alice
ELG 9 Reading Amyra
ELG 9 Reading Child B
ELG 9 Reading Edward
ELG 9 Reading Evie

ELG 10 - Writing

Selection from each child

Inter LA agreement trialling record ELG10 Writing
ELG 10 Writing Brooke
ELG 10 Writing Child J
ELG 10 Writing Evie
ELG 10 Writing Isla

Individual separate examples

Emerging Evidence
Exceeding Evidence