School workforce census


All teacher qualifications must be recorded. Check census detail report for missing qualification.

All Pay scales should be updated to the latest applicable 2022/2023 rates. Census requires the pay as at census date to be recorded.

All teaching salary scales should be updated to the 2022/2023 salary scales if they have been agreed by census date.

Base pay must reflect the annual salary of a member of staff as at the Census day. DfE also collect Date of Last Pay Review, so that if the review has not yet taken place this year then the date of the previous year’s determination should be entered so that the department can determine whether the pay figure returned in the census will be retrospectively uprated later in the year.

Additional payments, eg First Aid, must be checked and updated

School return must identify the teacher who has the role of SEN Coordinator,

Base pay for part-time staff must be reported as the actual annual salary and not the full-time equivalent.

Check that each teacher has the correct qualified teacher status, (QTS), recorded in the relevant field for QTS, EYTS or QTLS.

Teachers in first year or second year of induction should be identified in Newly Qualified Teacher field.

Where Computer Science is taught it must be recorded as code CSI and not ICT

Send Summary report to LA via AnyComms+  or email to

Telephone support will be available from the Schools ICT on 01273 482519. Email support will also be provided via Schools are encouraged to attempt a dry run before the census date and to enrol on one of the Training Courses available though schools ICT. 

2. School workforce census guidance

2022 Capita SIMS Guidance notes for completing the return will be available below.

How will the data be used?

The data will be used by both the Department for Education and the local authority to get a better understanding of school staff, such as age, gender and ethnicity. This information will help to design appropriate national and local strategies to support the school workforce.

Privacy Notices

Under the Data Protection Act, all schools must inform their staff that they hold personal data about them. Schools must also explain how they intend to use the data and provide information about who the data may be forwarded to.

To comply with this, your school needs to send a Privacy Notice to all members of staff employed by your school. This includes all teaching and non-teaching staff.

It is important to remember to issue a Privacy Notice to new members of staff when they join your school. If a member of staff left your school before the Privacy Notice was issued and your return for the 2022 census will contain data about them, you need to send them a Privacy Notice.

Failure to send out a Privacy Notice to staff means you will not be covered under the Education Act 2005. 

School staff included in the School Workforce Census

The census covers full and part-time teachers, teaching assistants and other support staff that are employed by your school.

  • Teachers include those who are employed directly by your school and agency/service agreement teachers working within a post that would normally be filled by a teacher employed by your school.
  • Teaching assistants include those support staff based in the classroom for learning and pupil support, for example HLTAs, teaching assistants, special needs support staff, nursery officers/assistants, minority ethnic pupils support staff and bilingual assistants.
  • Other support staff include those support staff that are not classroom based, for example matrons/nurses/medical staff, librarians, IT technicians, technicians, administrative officers/secretaries, bursars and other administration/clerical staff, premises and catering staff.

School staff not included in the School Workforce Census

Data does not need to be returned for the following if they are not in school on the
census day:
• temporary staff with service of less than 28 days, who are not expected to
complete service of 28 days or more
• casual staff without contracts employed on an ad hoc basis.
If these staff are in school on census day then head count data should be reported for
Data does not need to be reported for the following staff, even if they are in school on
census day.
• PGCE students on teaching practice
• trainee teachers on a School-Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) programme
• staff working in extended school service provision, for example breakfast and after
school clubs, Sure Start and Children’s Centres. Note that staff engaged in the
normal running of the school, such as cleaners, must be included regardless of
when they work, for example before, after, or during the normal school day
• staff employed by the local authority that provide support to schools for example
peripatetic music teachers, advisory teachers, educational psychologists,
educational welfare officers (information on these will be submitted by the local
• staff centrally employed by a Multi Academy Trust and who spend less than half
their time working in schools
• governors and voluntary staff
• staff for whom there is no role identifier code that equates to the function they
carry out, for example clerk to governors, school crossing patrol staff and school
improvement partners
• staff whose contracts finished prior to 1 September 2020

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