School census


Changes for 2022/23

School Time - (all schools except nurseries) from Spring 2023 DfE are asking schools to record the total compulsory time pupils spend in school in a typical 5 day week.

Young Carer indicator - from Spring 2023 new item to record if pupil has been identified as a young carer

Class Information

The ‘selected time’ is based on the last digit of a school’s departmental establishment number.

Last digit of your departmental number Selected time
4, 7, 8 or 9 the selected time is one hour after the start of afternoon school
0, 1 or 5 the selected time is one hour after the start of morning school
2, 3 or 6 the selected time is one hour before the end of morning school

Learner funding and monitoring - further detail can be found in DfE Guidance

This will identify pupils who are:

- in receipt of tutoring provided via the National Tutoring Programme (NTP) - includes School Led tutoring, tuition partners, academic mentors.
- in receipt of tutoring funded by the 16 to 19 tuition fund
- resitting or retaking full or part of their 16 to 19 study programme

Alternative Provision - mandatory for 2022/23 onwards

Schools should record and submit new data on alternative provision (AP) placements that have been arranged for their pupils. 

Post Looked after Arrangements

This has been extended to include "ceased to be looked after through adopted from state care outside of England and Wales"

1. Census dates

2022 to 2023 census dates

Autumn census

  • census date – Thursday 6 October 2022

Spring census

  • census date – Thursday 19 January 2023

Summer census

  • census date – Thursday 18 May 2023

More information about the school census can be found on the DfE School Guidance notes

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