2022 Key Stage 4 GCSE Data Collection

The Secondary Board have asked the local authority to manage the collection of 2022 Key Stage 4 GCSE data from schools and academies again this year.

There are two 2022 Key Stage 4 GCSE data collections.

Collection 1: Key Stage 4 GCSE Results Day

Please complete the proforma via the button below with your school headline data and email to the Data Management Team on results day, 25 August 2022.

A summary report containing schools and LA data will be sent out on or as near to results day, 25 August 2022, as possible.

An updated summary report including schools, LA and national data will be sent out by 01 September 2022.

Collection 2: Key Stage 4 GCSE Examination Board Files

Please send all examination board results files you receive from examination bodies to the local authority securely by AnyComms+ into the ‘DRIM’ folder on or as soon as possible after results day, 25 August 2022.

Please send via secure email to the Data Management Team if you don’t have access to AnyComms+.

Please also see the 2022 KS4 GCSE Examination Board Files Guidance for schools  for more detail about the examination board files submission processes.

A summary report and vulnerable groups report including schools, LA, regional and national data will be sent out to schools.

It is understood that the results information provided by schools and academies in August will be provisional at that time as there will still be appeals awaiting final decisions.

In accordance with the DfE performance tables, we will be collecting first entry only.

Please note from the DfE:

The uneven impact on schools and colleges of the pandemic is recognised, and clear messages will be placed on the DfE performance tables to advise caution when considering the 2021/22 data. This will include strongly discouraging all users of the data from drawing comparisons with performance data from previous years. DfE also advise caution when comparing a school’s performance with national or local authority averages, or with other schools. The local authority and Secondary Board will be sensitive to these warnings and will follow the national advice given.

2022 Key Stage 4 Results Day proforma