2021 Key Stage 4 GCSE Teacher Assessed Data Collections


Schools, colleges and education settings can find information and resources, including links to DfE guidance to support provision during the Covid-19 pandemic.

1. 2021 Key Stage 4 GCSE Teacher Assessed Grades Collections

The Secondary Board have asked the local authority to manage the collection of 2021 Key Stage 4 GCSE teacher assessed grades (TAGs) data from schools and academies again this year.

There are two 2021 Key Stage 4 GCSE teacher assessed grades data collections.

Collection 1: Key Stage 4 GCSE Results day collection
Please complete the proforma “2021 Key Stage 4 Results Day collection proforma.xlsx” with your school headline data and email to CS.DataManagement@eastsussex.gov.uk on or as near to results day,12th August 2021, as possible.

A school summary report containing school (own school data only), LA, NCER* regional and NCER* national teacher assessed grades data will be sent out on 13th and 20th August 2021.

*NCER Regional and National comparators - These figures are based on the aggregation of local authority data collected directly from schools. All Local Authorities in England are members of NCER. In 2021 the figures should be used with caution as Key Stage 4 GCSE data submission is optional.

Collection 2: Collection of Key Stage 4 GCSE examination board files
Please send all examination board results files you receive from examination bodies to the local authority securely by AVCO AnyComms InfoMgt/AnyComms+ DRIM on or as soon as possible after results day, 12th August 2021. Please send via secure email if you don’t have access to AVCO AnyComms.

We are aware that some schools will have some performance table qualifications that are not notified via an Examination Board results file and instead arrive in other formats such as PDF documents etc. For these qualifications a spreadsheet template will need to be completed and sent to us. Please use the following spreadsheet “2021 KS4 Teacher Assessed Grades.xls” for these results.

Completed spreadsheets should be sent securely via AVCO (InfoMgt) or AnyComms+ (DRIM). Please send via secure email if you don’t have access to AVCO AnyComms.

Please also see guidance “2021 KS4 Teacher Assessed Grades - Guidance for Schools.pdf” for more detail about the examination board files and spreadsheet submission processes.

It is understood that the results information provided by schools and colleges in August will be provisional at that time as there will still be appeals waiting for final decisions.

We will be collecting first entry only.

Please check the return confirmation reports carefully to ensure the correct data has been submitted.

If you have any issues using AVCO please send the data files by secure email to CS.DataManagement@eastsussex.gov.uk.

Please note: It is important to highlight that 2021 Key Stage 4 GCSE teacher assessed grades data collected by the local authority will only be used at the request of the Secondary Board to identify key patterns across the local authority. No individual school data will be scrutinised and 2021 GCSE teacher assessed grades data is not to be used for accountability purposes by the Board, the local authority, Regional Schools Commissioners (RSCs) or Ofsted, in line with current DfE guidance.

Results day contact at the school
Please provide a contact person for your school who can discuss Key Stage 4 GCSE results day teacher assessed grades – this is likely to be your examinations officer. Please include an email address and telephone number (mobile preferred) so that we can make contact with you if necessary. Please email these details to the Data Research and Information team by Friday 3rd July 2021 at the following email address CS.DataManagement@eastsussex.gov.uk

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