Internal energy funding

Salix energy efficiency fund

The Salix fund has been set up by East Sussex County Council to support energy efficiency projects. It is using funding that is available from Salix, an independent company set up by the Carbon Trust. Schools repay the initial capital loan for a project using the energy cost savings they make from the installation. Repayments can be set at a level where the school gets to keep a share of the savings straight away. Once the loan is paid off the school gets to keep all the savings. If you sign up to our service, the Energy Team will do the savings calculations on your behalf.


  • Projects must deliver both long-term carbon dioxide savings and revenue benefits for a school.
  • The estimated savings in energy costs will payback the project costs within 10 years.
  • The cost per tonne of carbon saved is less than £100.
  • Domestic and transport projects are not covered by the scheme, as they are covered by other Government schemes.


If you have a project in mind, contact the Energy Team for further information.