Energy Efficiency

Energy Saving Guide - A guide to good energy housekeeping for schools in East Sussex

Building improvements

The Energy Team are always looking for projects with the potential to save energy in council buildings across East Sussex. Below are some examples of the types of projects that we have carried out in the past. If you would like to find out more about any of these for your school or if there is another energy saving project you would like to investigate, please contact us.

  • Lighting – controls, LED upgrades
  • Insulation – cavity wall, loft, pipework, draught-proofing
  • Boilers – upgrades, oil to gas conversions, controls

Almost all of our energy saving projects are fully or partly funded by an interest-free Salix loan with no upfront cost.

Find out more about a Salix loan here: internal energy funding.


LED Lighting Upgrades - Cut Your School's Lighting Costs by 50%

We are now taking bookings for a limited number of FREE energy efficient lighting surveys.

Over 60 East Sussex schools have already upgraded to low energy LED, typically saving 50% on lighting electricity and maintenance costs AND improving lighting in the learning environment.

Local electrical contractors have been appointed to carry out FREE site surveys to provide an energy efficient lighting specification, costs and payback. ESCC energy & maintenance teams project manage the works from start to finish.

Lighting improvements can usually be achieved with no upfront costs, instead they are funded through a combination of East Sussex County Council’s Carbon Reduction budget and an interest-free Salix Loan, repaid over 10 years. Salix works by using money which you would have spent on your lighting energy costs to pay off the interest free loan. This funding offer is only open to ESCC maintained schools, however, the Salix Loan can easily be transferred should the school convert to Academy status during the term of the loan.

Surveys are FREE to ESCC maintained schools but if no project results then ESCC does have to pay for the cost of the survey, so please only sign up f your school (including board of governors) is serious about investing in improved lighting efficiency.

For more information contact Clementine Walker or Paul Hardman in the Energy Team: Tel: 01273 336168


LED Lighting Upgrades & Salix Funding - FAQs


Feedback from Schools:

Newick Primary School - where the school’s electricity consumption post LED upgrade fell by 29%:

“Many thanks to everyone in the energy team for your support with this project. I can say that it has been an overwhelming success and we look forward to seeing our energy savings going forward” - Denise Taylor. School Business Manager Newick CE Primary School. May 2019.

Click here to read more about this project.


Rocks Park Primary School - where the electricity consumption reduced by 18% following installation of the LED lighting:

"The actual lighting looks fantastic and we can't believe how long we were unaware of how dark the building actually was before! In short, we are absolutely thrilled with the contractor and with the result.” - Rose Blaauw, Bursar, May 2019.

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Salehurst CE Primary School - projected savings of £1,200 per year

"The Energy Team were extremely helpful when applying for this loan making the application relatively pain free. The new lighting has reduced consumption/energy spend and there has been minimum maintenance necessary on the lights which rarely need replacing. With ever hiking energy costs and our ethical duty to reduce our carbon footprint, I would recommend the install of LED lighting with a SALIX loan to any school." - Jackie Buckingham, Business Manager

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Priory School - projected cost savings of £12k per annum

"I have been delighted with the results of this project. Not only has there been a reduction in the energy consumption but we have uniform lighting throughout the school and the premises staff do not have to spend time changing light tubes." - Ian Fines, Bursar - November 2019.

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Ashdown Primary Infants School - 24% reduction in electricity consumption

“The support that the Energy Team gave to underpin my argument to the Governors to make the investment in a Salix loan to upgrade our lights to LED was so helpful. The process was so easy as the Energy Team handle all the organisation of the installation, all I was required to do was attend site meetings and ensure that access was available during fitting. In the first year our school has seen a 24% saving on our electricity use, which far exceeds the annual cost of the Salix loan.” - Lorna Isted, Business Manager - September 2019.

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Parkside Community Primary School - 16% reduction in electricity consumption

"We're pleased with the outcome of the upgrade - improved quality of the lighting, no continual purchase of light tubes and caretaker time in replacing them. There is an obvious reduction in our usage and our energy bills, as well as the other cost and time savings mentioned - so we're happy!" - Graham Holland, Bursar, November 2019

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Burwash C of E Primary School - 20% reduction in electricity consumption

"We are extremely happy with the LED lighting upgrade. We have definitely saved money on our energy bills and we have also found that the children and staff are now better at turning off the manually operated lights as they are used to lights going off when not in use. I would thoroughly recommend the LED upgrade to any school who is considering it." - Debbie Gilbert, Headteacher, January 2020.

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Sandown Primary School - 11% reduction in electricity consumption

"We are in no doubt that our electricity savings are mainly due to the new LEDs. Besides financial benefits, the lighting turns on automatically when entering and moving around the school, and the majority of the lighting will turn itself off. The upgrade provides a bright environment for both staff and pupils." - Susan Poole, Business Manager, January 2020.

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Harlands Primary School - 21% reduction in electricity consumption

"The decision to replace our lighting was prompted not only by a desire to save energy and money but also in the hope of providing pupils and staff with a lighter, brighter learning environment. We have not been disappointed! Our thanks go to the contractor and the ESCC energy team for all their support with this worthwhile project." - Emma Ellwood, Business Manager, January 2020.

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Buxted C of E Primary School - 17% reduction in electricity consumption

"We undertook the new lighting project throughout our school building and the results have been very good. The light quality is crisper and more evocative of daylight. It has reduced the glare produced by the old lighting and created a working environment that is brighter, more modern looking and more efficient. The overall look of the ceilings is clean and modern and overall we are very pleased with our new lighting." - Emma Ellwood, Business Manager, January 2020.

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Solar panels

If you would like to investigate this further, please contact the Energy Team.

You may be aware following previous VSB communication, that the Council has been undertaking a review of the delivery of Solar PV on schools. As freeholder of the respective maintained school sites, the Council is required to sign a 25 year Lease with the Provider for the air space above parts of the School to enable the project to go ahead. The respective schools then sign a Power Purchase Agreement with the Provider to buy the electricity produced by the panels at a cheaper rate than the mains supplier.

The review has now been completed and we attach a draft new form of 25 year Lease which addresses the long term building/panels liability to the Council.

This Agreement provides for a school to receive electricity without charge or at a discounted rate in exchange for which the Solar PV Provider will receive the Feed In Tariff (FiT).

The Feed in Tariff scheme is will no longer be available from April 2019.

If you would like to purchase electricity generated in this way then please note that the attached Lease should be issued by your Providers at the commencement of communications. We are aware that certain Providers are happy to work within the terms of the appended Lease and equally there are some Providers who cannot meet the terms and conditions. Please notify the Council Property Department of your chosen Provider, it may assist you to forward an advance copy of any Power Purchase Agreement for our information and in advising you further. The Energy Team will continue to assist you in obtaining energy consumption information.