Contracts and Supply

Buying energy

To help manage energy costs, the Energy Team buy energy flexibly through a consortium called Crown Commercial Services (CCS). They are the national purchasing partner for UK public services.

The latest annual CCS Performance Review benchmarks the prices obtained for CCS customers and copies are available from the Energy Team. If you would like a copy then please email your request to

Please note that this document is confidential information for CCS customers only and should not be shared.

How does this work?

CCS have a framework agreement with suppliers. During the contract period, energy can be bought in increments rather than at a fixed price prior to the start of the contract.

Energy can be bought at the best time, creating savings of 5% over average market prices for the period.

Current Energy Supplier VAT forms:

You may have seen the recent VSB advising Total Gas and Power (TGP) will be supplying gas, please find the VAT declaration form below should site wish to make a VAT declaration. Please return the form to the and Energy shall forward to the supplier on your behalf.

TGP VAT Declaration Form


Energy and Water Market Changes

The increase in the cost of energy in 2017/18 was caused by both increases in the cost of buying energy on the wholesale energy market and increases in non-energy charges, which increased significantly. Click the link above for more information.

Maintenance, repairs and emergencies

If you’re worried about the amount of gas and electricity your school is using or you think you may have a leak, contact the Energy Team. We will investigate the problem.

If there is a gas leak, it is your supplier’s responsibility to deal with it. For supplier and contractor contact details see our page energy and water emergencies.

Water leaks could be the supplier’s or the site’s responsibility. There is some useful information on water leaks on the Southern Water and South East Water websites

Meter readings and billing

Automated meter reading (AMR) technology in being introduced into schools. This allows water and energy (electricity or gas) usage to be accurately recorded for billing and consumption analysis.

Benefits include:

  • paying for the exact amount used rather than estimates based on previous or predicted consumption
  • energy leak monitoring
  • a more streamlined invoicing system when used with electronic invoicing
  • information on the effects of energy saving devices.

Please contact us if you would like to know whether or not your school as AMR for your gas and/or electricity or to access the data.

Using AMR is a requirement for Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC). For further information on CRC, see our legislation page.