Courier service

1. About the courier service

Our free courier services carry items between Council properties throughout the county with drops and collections for schools on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Some schools may have drops and collections on both Monday and Thursday.

Because of the effects of traffic, we can't have a set timetable but we do follow a set route.

All items should be clearly addressed and wrapped or boxed. Loose items will not be transported.

Arrangements for larger items and items over 15kg

Please contact the Amey help desk. Our courier vehicles are custom built for moving mail, small packaged items and sacks of paper waste so they have limited extra space.

Valuable items

We can track valuable work-related items through the system if we are made aware in advance.  We would obtain a signature from the sender and then again from the recipient. 

Confidential and recycled waste

Courier drivers are only able to pick up one or two bags of confidential and recycled waste at each site. In the interests of health and safety, please do not overfill these bags. Drivers can refuse to take bags that they feel are too heavy.

Boxed material for archiving

The driver can only take two boxes of material for archiving at the Records Centre in Newhaven from a site on each visit. This also depends on enough space being available in the courier vehicle.

Personal items

The ESCC courier service does not transport personal items. There is no insurance cover for personal items and no liability will be accepted by East Sussex County Council. Any costs associated with the return of personal items to the sender will be the staff member’s responsibility.

Envelopes containing cash

Drivers will refuse to take envelopes containing cash.  Any cash that finds its way into the system is sent entirely at the sender’s risk.

One-off trips

For one off trips please contact the Amey help desk for a quotation.

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